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Wood floor cleaning and recoat service, Newcastle Upon Tyne & Northumberland

At Ryton Flooring we understand the importance of wood floor cleaning and maintenance. All of our customers receive instructions for everyday care, cleaning and maintenance of their new or refurbished floor. We also offer an intensive clean and re-coat service.


Our clean and re-coat service is available to both domestic and commercial customers. We use an industrial floor scrubber to give your wood floor a deep clean, then apply the relevant treatment depending on the existing finish.

Clean & re-coat- no sanding, no mess

Oiled floors

For floors sanded and oiled with Pallmann Magic Oil (including coloured/stained floors), all that is needed following cleaning is to apply a top-up coat of oil. Heavy/large items of furniture can even be left in the room and moved as required during the cleaning and re-oiling process.


Cleaning and re-oiling will restore the floor close to its original condition, providing it is done before the floor becomes too worn.

Lacquered floors

For floors that we have sanded and lacquered, or where the finish isn’t known, an adhesion/bonding agent is applied following cleaning. A coat of lacquer is then applied to refresh the appearance of the floor and top up the protection.


Our clean & re-coat service will extend the life of the floor between full sanding and finishing, and is a cost-effective method of wood floor maintenance for commercial customers in particular. For more information see our blog.


To arrange a survey or for some advice, please get in touch using our enquiry form or call us on 07708803381.

Wood floor maintenance

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